Sansa Stark

If I catch up in A Dance with Dragons, then there won't be anything left....

Sansa Stark created by George R. R, Martin

Itzayana stage designs

Set design for Itzayana, a spectacle show for stage by Myth People.
Pre-visualization pitch art of overworld and underworld. Features a large rotating and opening pyramid.

Initial rough for Pharaoh's icy interaction with his throne, guards and courtiers not included.

Final costume design.

PENDULUM story beats

Eras takes his future wife Melisma to the City, away from her war-torn homeland.

Posessed, Eras severely injures his eldest son Lunecide.

A young Maurino asks a respected elder how he may find the power to fight Eras.

Lunecide wishes his little brother Maurino a safe journey.

Red Bull

Done just after reading the book but before having seen the movie, to see what a solely book-based "blind" interpretation might do.

Red Bull from The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle

Mar clothing

Snakeskin taken from moltings of young giant serpents serves as light flexible armor.


Cogworks garden

The city substructure contains ancient cogworks, ruins, and little shantytowns. Everything has been heavily damaged from recent bombing.


Apollo and Daphne

"Even now Phoebus embraced the lovely tree
Whose heart he felt still beating in its side." ~  Ovid, The Metamorphoses


Greek goddess of night. Even Zeus was afraid of her power.